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The first of its kind, Haring Ibon proudly presents a collection of designer trading cards featuring birds found across the Philippines! These trading cards were designed to showcase Philippine avifauna in a visually-appealing manner while also integrating useful scientific information for each species.

Each card features a stunning full-color bird photograph, its scientific name, range, and conservation status.

Selected from the 700 birds found in the Philippines, each Haring Ibon Trading Card Deck contains 50 bird cards plus 1 mythical bird card.

Aside from being both a collector’s item and an informative resource, Haring Ibon Trading Cards can also be played as a game, similar to trump cards, and can be enjoyed by both young and old!

Get the other decks in the series to complete your collection!


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Haring Ibon has partnered with Optisan Optics to be the official distributor of their world-class binoculars and spotting scopes in the Philippines. Although relatively newly established, their optics have already made an impact overseas, partnering with the likes of the Raptor Research Group of Taiwan, Wild Bird Society of Taipei, The Society of Canton Nature Conservation, and the Guangxi Biodiversity Research and Conservation Association.

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