Endangered Bird Species of the Philippines

“Endangered Bird Species of the Philippines” (EBSP) is a groundbreaking collaborative project between Haring Ibon-Birds in Focus, Inc. (HI-BIF) and Sphinx Tech, made up of a group of BSITDA students of the FEU-Institute of Technology.

Authors Alain Pascua, Vinz Pascua, Don Geoff Tabaranza, and Maia Tanedo provide the information and photographs of some of the Philippines’ most threatened bird species, with contributions from other wild bird photographers.

As their Capstone Project, the Sphinx Tech team of Marie Jocelle Mina, Marr Darwin Antonio, John Matthew Clemente, and Ivan Carl Yap brings to life in 3D thirty (30) stunning full color bird photographs.
Through Augmented Reality (AR) technology, this book allows the reader a more authentic experience of these amazing birds, showcasing the birds in 3D live view with sound elements added. All these features can be unlocked by scanning each page with a mobile phone with the Beak-A-Boo AR application.

ADVOCACY. Part of the proceeds of sales of the book will go to the following conservation organizations with specific projects dedicated to the conservation of some of the species featured in the book:
Buhay-Ilang Research, Education and Conservation, Katala Foundation, Inc., Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc., and Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc.



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