Birds of Cebu and Bohol

Birds of Cebu and Bohol by Nilo Arribas Jr., Bobby Kintanar, Raul Benjamin Puentespina (2014) contains more than 170 full-color photographs of birds all taken in the wild and in their natural habitats. It provides a graphic illustration of the relative size of every featured bird. The book’s compact size is designed for ease of handling, making Birds of Cebu and Bohol an ideal field reference that includes local name/s, scientific name, relative distribution, and a general description of the species and conservation notes.

We allot 10% of our net income from Haring Ibon products to conservation efforts for the Philippine Eagle and other endangered Philippine birds and wildlife, as well as their habitat. Grab one now and proudly promote the Philippine Eagle and the environmental protection and the conservation of Philippine natural resources!


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