A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of the Philippines, 1st Edition

A Naturalists Guide to the Birds of the Philippines is a photographic identification guide to the 280 bird species most commonly seen in the Philippines. Detailed species descriptions, which include nomenclature, length, plumage, distribution, habits, and habitat, accompany high-quality photographs from some of the Philippines’ top nature photographers.

A Naturalists Guide to the Birds of the Philippines also includes an all-important checklist of all the birds of the Philippines–encompassing, for each species, its common, scientific, and vernacular names, and global status. The user-friendly introduction covers geography, climate, habitat types, biogeography, the main sites for viewing the listed species, and tips for identifying birds in the field.

We allot 10% of our net income from Haring Ibon products to conservation efforts for the Philippine Eagle and other endangered Philippine birds and wildlife, as well as their habitat. Grab one now and proudly promote the Philippine Eagle and the environmental protection and the conservation of Philippine natural resources!


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