Identify the birds. Look for your favorites. Yes, love, these are all Philippine endemic birds! 

The Philippines has 735 birds, and 258 of them can only be found in the country. Friends from all over the world visit the Philippines to see them. Yes, they also go here to see not just our beaches, our food, our people, our heritage… and, yes, our birds too! Let’s be familiar with Philippine birds so we can show them our avian treasures! 

Love Philippine Birds, Love the Philippines! 

Love Philippine Birds

Description of Artwork
By Vinz Pascua

“Love Philippine Birds” is a digital artwork that showcases 32 endemic Philippine birds. These are rendered through the vibrant palette and iconographic style of the Department of Tourism’s “Love The Philippines” campaign. From the emblematic Philippine Eagle to the beautiful Palawan Peacock-pheasant, “Love Philippine Birds” was created with the objective of spreading public awareness of our Philippine avian treasures. 

The Philippines is home to 725 different bird species, with 258 of them being endemic to the country. Among the 258 endemic birds, 32 were selected to be drawn and featured in “Love Philippine Birds”. All biogeographic regions of the country are represented by these featured birds. 

Bird watchers and bird photographers from all around the world travel to the Philippines to catch a glimpse of our avian treasures. While we have a vast collection of birds, most of them remain unknown to the public, many of them endangered. What better way to promote avian tourism, wildlife conservation, and greater public awareness of our birds than to showcase them in this modern and iconic art style. 

Featured Endemic Birds: 

First Row: Mindoro Bleeding-heart, North Philippine Dwarf-kingfisher, Magnificent Sunbird, Southern Rufous Hornbill, Whiskered Pitta, Flame-templed Babbler, Flame-breasted Fruit-dove 

Second Row: Falcated Wren-babbler, Red-headed Flameback, Rufous Paradise-flycatcher, Philippine Eagle, Rufous-headed Hornbill, Philippine Trogon, Palawan Flycatcher 

Third Row: Yellow-breasted Fruit-dove, Philippine Hanging-parrot, Philippine Leafbird, Green Racket-tail, Blue-naped Parrot, Blue-headed Racket-tail, Blue-capped Kingfisher 

Fourth Row: Northern Indigo-banded Kingfisher, Azure-breasted Pitta, Celestial Monarch, Palawan Peacock-pheasant, Apo Myna, Sulu Hornbill, Visayan Wattled Broadbill 

Birds in the LOVE graphic that are not represented in the tiles, from left to right: 

Isabela Oriole (O), Philippine Cockatoo (V), Amethyst Brown-dove (E), Philippine Eagle-owl (E) 

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