Aves Filipinas

Aves Filipinas is Alain Pascua’s first collection of bird photos for exhibition. It is a combination of bird photos using both natural history approach and digital arts technique.

Natural history approach presents bird photos that have not been altered, except for minor adjustments in exposure, colors, sharpness and cropping. Photos falling in this category are Frolicking by the Sea, Sweet Aurora, Spectrum in the Wild and Esperando tu Amor.

Digital Arts uses either multiplicity technique where one subject is featured many time, like A King’s Band, or composites like The Banquet and My Family where bird photos are combined to present great compositions. Both techniques use bird photos falling under the natural history approach, available technological advancement and creativity.

The Banquet

A King's Band

Frolicking by the Sea

Sweet Aurora

Spectrum in the Wild


Esperando Tu Amor

My Family

Each photograph may be viewed larger and in higher resolutions by clicking on it.

All photos are printed in acid-free archival giclee prints professionally done by One Workshop of artist Ross Capili using the original “pigment archival ink” for longevity up to 100 years.

All photography artworks are personally signed by Alain Pascua and accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity which indicate the particular edition and releases.

Any photograph above and/or in the website may be printed on either crane and floating fine art paper, canvass with museum wrap, or clay coated paper at the preference of the client. Corresponding price based on the preferred medium and dimension or size will apply. Quoted prices above are exclusive of VAT.

Frames will be delivered from 7 to 10 days upon payment of reservation/partial fee of 25% of the quoted price. Payments may be made at Banco de Oro S/A# 3930134718 Sct Albano-Quezon Avenue Branch under Alain Del B. Pascua. It can also be made thru PayPal alainpascua@gmail.com.

The photographs are also available for licesing for calendars, planners, ads, print materials, presentations, tshirts, books, designs, and other uses and applications. Pricing depends on medium, usage, exclusivity, period, etc.

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