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About Us

Our Company

Birds in Focus, Inc. (BIF) is a company offering high end frames and merchandise featuring wild bird photographs. BIF provides a venue for inspiration and education about Philippine biodiversity through avian photography and art with the hope of inspiring a deeper sense of nationalism and environmental responsibility. It houses the work of wild bird photographer Alain Pascua and collaborates with other Filipino artists in a variety of exhibits and activities centered on its advocacy for the Philippine Eagle, as well as other Philippine wildlife and their habitat.  

BIF seeks to impassion those who are interested in the arts, in bird photography, and in environmental causes dedicated to Philippine avian conservation and the ecosystems surrounding it. BIF also recognizes artists in this field, giving them opportunities to showcase their work through collaboration.



Our Brand

The Haring Ibon brand under the BIF company is a premium brand offering a variety of products ranging from apparel to household décor and stationary. The spark that ignited growth in the brand is the Haring Ibon coffee table book, the first of its kind, focusing on the Great Philippine Eagle. Today, all Haring Ibon products highlight more of the beautiful avian treasures of the Philippines. Haring Ibon seeks to promote a stronger Filipino identity through its activities and products.

Our Advocacy

Birds in Focus, Inc. is committed to supporting environmental protection and the conservation of Philippine natural resources as part of the company’s advocacy and corporate social responsibility. BIF has made it company policy to allot 10% of its net income from Haring Ibon products to conservation efforts for the Philippine Eagle and other endangered Philippine birds, wildlife, and their habitat as well.

Last November 2019, BIF conducted the Green and Wild Expo where part of the proceeds from the Silent Auction and sale of framed bird photographs and the Lahing Makulay Exhibit were committed to the Bagobo-Tagabawa indigenous peoples community in Sibulan, Davao del Sur for the provision of a loom to revive their inabal weaving tradition. Sibulan is one of the nesting sites of the Philippine Eagle where Haring Ibon book author Alain Pascua took many of his iconic photos of the Philippine Eagle.