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Birds in Focus, Inc. (BIF) provides a venue for inspiration and education about Philippine biodiversity through avian photography and art with the hope of inspiring a deeper sense of nationalism and environmental responsibility. We are committed to supporting environmental protection and the conservation of Philippine natural resources as part of the company’s advocacy and corporate social responsibility
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Through the Haring Ibon brand, BIF offers a variety of premium products ranging from apparel to household décor and stationery.
Our Advocacy
BIF has made it company policy to allot 10% of its net income from Haring Ibon products to conservation efforts for the Philippine Eagle and other endangered Philippine birds and wildlife, as well as their habitat.

Stories about the beautiful natural treasures of the Philippines, photography, and more

ExclusiveHaring Ibon offers articles and other resources to provide inspiration and education about Philippine biodiversity, and impassion those who are interested in the arts, bird photography, and environmental causes dedicated to Philippine avian conservation and the ecosystems surrounding it.

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Philippine Birds as Art: Fine Art Photography Collection

Wild bird photographer Alain Pascua unwittingly introduced the twin-concepts of “Birds as Art” and “Bird Photography for Tourism and Conservation” - the creation of excellent bird images as artworks of Philippine avian treasures that can be utilized as powerful tools for the promotion of Philippine tourism and the protection and conservation of Philippine wildlife and environment.